Sunday, May 18, 2008

Blog pribadi tempatnya Sotoy sotoy-an ... ayo mo sotoy ayam apa sotoy sapi ?? sotoy lamongan juga ada....

- Sad, i cant take a few days for holiday to jogja. It's bcz my silly computer..i've to fixing all the error..huuuuu..and now i've been stuck in this empty dorm..ya, everybody have their own vacation. Come back soon, please!!! and all i have to do is, writing and writing my report...Arrggggghhhh..!!

+ be patient, darlin...there's many thing you should do. Its time for you not always playing.

_ but i love playyyyyyyy

+ you must to see ur schedule book..see!!

_ nononononono ...i dont wanna seeeeee

+ u've many deadline there! cant u see, that ?

_ na na na na

+ Be mature !!!!

_ ...

+ Bismillah !! say it ?!

_ i wanna having fun to jogjaaaaaa!!!

+ do it ur report !

_ no

+ do it !

_ later...

+ now !

_ ...

+ now ! i said !

_ give me one reason...persuade me !

+ time will kill you ! and u die without leaved a good thing. its not abt the things you do, but things u think !! dont ever say "LATER" ! bcz u dont know when u die !

_ ...

+ u can having fun after u finised ur deadline !, this week ur deadline is ur OJT report, after that do it ur report for persuasive comm. ! ok, dear ??

_ ha ha..ok ok..i Will do it.

: life is.. how u can to communication with ur self, and making deal for all the consequences.To have a good communicator for ourself, u should know who you are, always talk to GOD, then u can know who you are.(Sotoyyyy !! hehehe)

_Hidup Hanya Urusan Menyambungkan aliran listrik diantara Sinaps Otak_

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  1. resty9:48 AM

    hai devan...
    i already visit your blog..
    belum tau mau komen apa..
    lagi buru2 nanti deh kapan2 kita diskusi ya..hehehhe


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