Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Monday, September 12, 2011

Kungfu Fighting ala Dancing TWINS

They are cute!
Make me wanna have a Twins haha
They distracted me from... hmm -someonewhocantbenamed-

Ok, have a nice day, Van.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Blue roses feeling

Until now, i dont know exactly what i'm doing there.
But why should i must to now exactly, if i already happy.

Its hurt if your feets blister because of running all day long meet the clients.

BUt when they say thanks for the services, Pain on my feets it doesnt important thing to be felt.

And, you know what?
I just know, i'm doing right. i can feel it.
I realize, im running with my feets and my heart :D.
And yesterday, my manager said to me that i'm qualified to be a UNIT MANAGER, Base on my selling performance.

It just only 7 month, i asked to my self "if this seed that I reap?"

hmm, let see.


Need more power to deal with my self and what people want.

re-constructing the feeling is so very tiring.

Senggol-Bacok, if that easy. T_T


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ornella Vanoni

Another favorite song, Another Favorite singer
My Two Favorites become one on this Video. Perfetto!

Mi Sono Innamorato Di te (Laugi Tenco) by Ornella Vanoni

Mi sono innamorato di te
perché non avevo niente da fare
il giorno volevo qualcuno da incontrare
la notte volevo qualcuno da sognare
Mi sono innamorato di te
perché non potevo più stare sola
il giorno volevo parlare dei miei sogni
la notte parlare d'amore
Ed ora che avrei mille cose da fare
io sento i miei sogni svanire
ma non so più pensare
a nient'altro che a te
Mi sono innamorato di te
e adesso non so neppure io cosa fare
il giorno mi pento d'averti incontrato
Ma la notte io ti vengo a cercare.


I love you
because I had nothing to do
I wanted someone to meet the day
I wanted someone to dream of the night
I love you
because I could no longer be alone
the day I wanted to talk about my dreams
the night to talk about love
And now that I would have a thousand things to do
I feel my dreams fade away
but I no longer think of
about anything but you
I love you
and now I do not even know what to do
I regret the day I met you
But the night I'll come looking.

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